Introductory Science Courses

Last updated April 12, 2023

The list of currently approved SFA courses includes two categories: general introductory science courses (for majors and minors) and courses designed for SFA. This course list will be updated as new courses are added or previous courses are significantly modified. Some of these courses have prerequisites; please check the course catalogue or department.

Course IDTitleInstructorCross-listed


BIOL-1203Foundations in Biology IElmendorf, Heidi, Chan, Mun Chun
BIOL-1204Foundations in Biology IIPatten, Manus, Fox, Jennifer, Green, Linda


CHEM-1300Gen Chem for MajorsGlick, Diana
CHEM-1100General Chemistry I
CHEM-1200General Chemistry IIGlick, Diana
CHEM-1400Gen Chem II for MajorsGlick, Diana

Environmental Studies/Earth Commons

ENST-2220Intro to Environmental Sciencevan Doorn, Angela
ERTH-1050Environment and Sustainability Foundations IMeiller, Jesse; van Doorn, Angela; Jones, Taylor

Human Science

HSCI-1030Human Biology INelson, Ted


PHYS-2051Principles of PhysicsJohnson, Patrick
PHYS-2052Principles of Physics IIJohnson, Patrick
PHYS-2101MechanicsBlair, Dan; Lavine, James
PHYS-2102Electromagnetic PhenomenaLiu, Amy
PHYS-2103Quantum PhysicsDoughty, Leanne


PSYC-1000General PsychologyMarsh, Abigail (this section only)