Approved SFA Courses

Last updated April 12, 2023

New Course IDOld Course IDTitleInstructorCross-listing
BIOL-1050BIOL-0XXMedicine and HumanityChan, Mun Chun; Bennett, Shauna
BIOL-1027BIOL-0XXBiology of VirusesBennett, Shauna
BIOL-1025BIOL-0XXHow We ThinkChapman, Dail
BIOL-1045BIOL-0XXDarwin at the Table- Evolution and Ecology of FoodFox, Jennifer
BIOL-1022ENST-015Environmental Science for a Changing Worldvan Doorn, AngelaENST-1120
BIOL-1008BIOL-008Ecology and the EnvironmentFox, Jennifer
BIOL-1014BIOL-014*Ecology of CitiesWhitmer, Ali
BIOL-1016BIOL-016Biodiversity and Conservationvan Doorn, Angela
BIOL-1019BIOL-019Extr BlueWorld: Biol Marine MamMann, Janet
BIOL-1021BIOL-021Science of Sustainable Food SystemsHahn, WilliamINAF-1810-08 &-09
BIOL-1031BIOL- 030A Microscopic View of TuscanyRosenwald, Anne
BIOL-1040BIOL-040Biology for TravelersWagner, ChristianINAF-1810-12
BIOL-1200BIOL-100Principles and Practices of Biological ResearchPatten, M, and Elmendorf, H.
IDST-1491-01 IDST XXXEvolution for Everyday LifeFox, Jennifer
CHEM-1012CHEM-012Chemistry in Everyday LifeGlick, Diana
CHEM-1014CHEM-015*Chemistry of Climate ChangeStoll, Sarah
CHEM-1020Environmental ChemistryStoll, Sarah
CHEM-1024CHEM-024Chemistry of Human BodyBertke, Michelle M.
CHEM-1025CHEM-025Intro to Forensic ChemistryItani, Mohammad
CHEM-1030CHEM-026Science in the NewsBertke, Michelle
CHEM-1028CHEM-028*Climate ChangeZimerman, Oscar
CHEM-1080CHEM-080Scientific Advancement and the Evolution of Energy SecurityGunderson, Victoria
ENST 120The Science Behind the Storiesvan Doorn, Angela
ENST-1120ENST 015Environmental Science for a Changing Worldvan Doorn, AngelaBIOL-1022
ENST-1141*ENST 141*Climate Change and Biodiversityvan Doorn, Angela
ENST-1180-01 & -02ENST-180-01 &-02Examining Crises through the Lens of ScienceWei, CynthiaINAF-1810-01 & -02
ENST-1180-03 & -04ENST-180-03 &-04Interface of Humans and NatureWei, CynthiaINAF-1810-03 &-04
ENST-1180-05ENST 180-05The Science of WaterHoward, Douglas A.INAF-1810-05
ENST-1181-01ENST-181-01Climate and Climate ChangeSchoonover, RodINAF-1810-07
GLOH-1177GLOH-177Epidemiological ApplicationsDragomir, Anca
HESY-2004HESY-184Introduction to EpidemiologyKraemer, John
HSCI-1000HSCI-100Language of Health & DiseaseShepard, Blythe D.
INAF-1810-01 & -02INAF-180-01 and -02Examining Crises through the Lens of ScienceWei, CynthiaENST-1180-01 & -02
INAF-1810-03 &-04INAF-180-03 and -04Interface of Humans and NatureWei, CynthiaENST-1180-03 & -04
INAF-1810-05INAF-180-05The Science of WaterHoward, Douglas A.ENST-1180-05
INAF-1810-06INAF-180-06Scientific Advancement and the Evolution of Energy SecurityGunderson, VictoriaCHEM-1080
INAF-1810-07INAF-180-07Climate and Climate ChangeSchoonover, RodENST-1181-01
INAF-1810-08 &-09INAF-180-08 and -09Science of Sustainable Food SystemsHahn, WilliamBIOL-1021
INAF-1810-11INAF-180-11Energy Disasters and Possible SolutionsWagner, ChristianPHYS-022
INAF-1810-12INAF-180-12Biology for TravelersWagner, ChristianBIO-044
INAF-247-70Nuclear Know-how for PresidentsBarth, Kai-Henrik
INAF-1810-70INAF-180-70Climate Know-how for PresidentsBarth, Kai-Henrik
INAF-1810-70INAF 180-70Genes, Citizens, and SocietyLorenzetti, Diego
INAF-1810-71INAF 180-71Physics for World LeadersTzortzakis, Stylianos
INAF-1810-72INAF 180-72Physics for Peace and DevelopmentBuhali, Othmane
INAF-1810-72INAF180-72Biophysics of Perception and Decision MakingYousef, Mohammed
INAF-1810-72INAF180-72Introduction to Environmental ScienceMohammed, Sayeed
INAF-1810-76INAF180-XXCognitive NeuroscienceKlepousnioutou, Ekaterini
INAF-1810-75INAF180-XXInformation in the BrainKlepousnioutou, Ekaterini
INAF-1810-XXChemistry MattersBengali, Ashfaq
PHYS-1102PHYS-010The Way Things WorkBlair, Daniel
PHYS-1103PHYS-014Physics for Future LeadersCurrie, John F.
PHYS-1201PHYS-016*Physics of Climate ChangeDoughty, Leanne
PHYS-1101PHYS-017Science of Sound and SightJohnson, Patrick G.
PHYS-1501PHYS-019Startling Truths: Relativity, Quantum Uncertainty, Chaos and the CosmosUrbach, Jeff
PHYS-1302PHYS-020Innovating with Modern PhysicsDoughty, Leanne
PHYS-1202PHYS-022Energy Disasters and Possible SolutionsWagner, ChristianINAF-11810-11
PSYC-2300PSYC-130Cognition: Information in the BrainIan Lyons; Adam Green
PSYC-3200PSYC-234Cognitive NeuroscienceGreen, Adam; Vaidya, Chandan; Dubbelde, Dick

The list of currently approved SFA courses includes two categories: general introductory science courses (for majors and minors) and courses designed for SFA. Both categories satisfy the core science requirement. This course list will be updated as new courses are added or previous courses are significantly modified.

* = Core pathways courses

Courses Designed for SFA